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Cirencester Fun Ride



Thank you! Fab day and amazing ride. 2.5 hrs drive but was worth it. Also very impressed with how brilliantly you run this page and respond to everyone's posts. See you in September.

Rachel Hopton


My 4 year olds first ever fun ride. He had only popped a 1ft plank 2 weeks ago and then came out and did this! Thanks to the jumps being inviting (and when I didn't mess him up) he grew in confidence as he went around, was happy in front, happy behind and thanks to the other courteous riders wasn't phased when others went past us, ears were pricked the whole way round! I last came here on my then 32yr old mare about 5 years ago and had to wait until my lad was ready and I'm so glad I came back!

Sophie Slavin


Thank you soooo much for a great day. So well organised. And the jumps were even better this year. I really hope you do more next year. It's a 4 hour journey there and same back for us on the Isle of Wight and a ferry cost but worth every penny and minute to get there. THANK YOU. XXX...

Lisa Paul


I would just like to say a massive thank you to and your team for the organisation of the fun ride yesterday. Very well signed, friendly Marshall's and a 'pre warning' to get your game face ready for photos! Wonderful. My horse and I will definitely be back. We are so lucky to have this on our door step. Thanks again.

Megan Victoria Saunders.


I've got such good boys..........get in this strange, moving, wobbly van and let me take you where I want to go. So trusting, so well behaved. I'm so proud of them both. They're home at last after leaving at 7.30am to go a few hundred miles to Cirencester. And gosh it was worth it!!

Lynz John


Cirencester Fun Ride


May 23rd 2021

As the Covid guide lines stand at the moment this event will be open to pre entries only and limited within 1 hour time slots. Hopefully all this might have changed by next May?

The entries will open on Monday April 5th and close on Tuesday May 18th unless full prior to then and will be available via www.xcphotos.co.uk 'Fun Ride Entry'.

A separate form is required for each rider as the system cannot handle multiple entries.

Hourly availability will be taken down if filled.


This 10 mile ride is set entirely within the stunning Cirencester Park in the heart of the Cotswolds, with over 80 varied optional fences. Riders are taken onto woodland tracks, past the famous Polo Fields and along wide grassland avenues lined with spectacular trees.

The lines of fences start off small and inviting then increase in height and complexity. They are well spaced to allow the rider to pull out at any time. All the fences are well secured to the ground have good ground lines, with lots of greenery to act as wings.

The ride is excellent for schooling a novice horse/pony and a real confidence booster for the novice/nervous rider, yet still has a lot to offer the experienced rider wanting more of a challenge. There is lots of space for the non-jumpers.

The route is very well marked and for safety reasons is split into six zones, so in the unlikely event of a problem we can provide a faster response. There are also many very helpful marshalls to assist you.

This Ride must now be one of the best in the UK. Unlike many rides it does not rely on any voluntary help. The route is designed and constructed by a very small professional experienced team who fully understand what the Fun Rider needs and expects. Ray Kellet from the Bathurst Estate puts out the many inviting logs.

Cirencester Park is a wonderful place to visit. The whole Park has tracks and rides meandering everywhere, so no road work is involved which is a joy to all.

Riders can start any time between 09:30 and 14:00. No actual start times are given, just turn up and go, however we do have a starter to ensure you are set off in an orderly way.


XC PHOTOS (www.xcphotos.co.uk) will be in attendance and photographs will available to view on line the next day.

Three photographers will be on the route to cater for all abilities.

  • Delicious refreshments with fresh baked baguettes at a very reasonable price.
  • Plenty of spacious parking with attendants to help.
  • Vet on call.
  • Medical cover.

Organizer. Mike Freeman. Tel No 07899 998339.

Email. mikefreemanis@gmail.com